A Simple Home Exercise Tip

Here is a simple home exercise tip that most people are capable of doing yet so many simply overlook this as a viable and effective means of losing weight.

It may not appeal to everyone, but then not everyone is prepared to do any real work at losing the excess weight if it means getting up from in front of the television set.

But if you are really keen on doing something positive to help yourself get that body of yours back into shape, this can be a great way to do it. The best part is that it will cost you nothing other than a little of your time and some effort.

The Stairs as Exercise Apparatus

stairs for exerciseIt might surprise you to find out that when you frequently make use of a regular, household stairway, you can actually make a big improvement to your fitness, health and weight levels. The more often you use them, the better for you.

Here's the thing: Just standing at the bottom of any old staircase and staring at them, no matter how long you do it for is not going to make a huge amount of difference to you. You have to walk or run up and down them to get the benefit.

You need to take action and decide you're going to run up every step all the way to the top, then all the way down again, then do it. By doing that, you'll set in motion a methodology that can get your physical weight down over time while improving your overall level of fitness and also tone up your lower body and leg muscles.

Frequently and Often is the Way to Do It

In an effort to enjoy real improvement all round, you need to rinse and repeat quite a lot of times each day. Of course, at the outset you really should not overdo it by trying to run up and down too many times.

The trick is to just get yourself going up and down all the steps as fast as you can as many times as is comfortable until you find yourself short of breath and breathing hard. That's the time to stop.

It's a good idea to make a note of how many repetitions (reps) up and down you managed to do it. Then each day, increase the number of reps if you can. That way you increase your stamina while improving heart rate and muscle strength just the same way as you'd do it in a gym, for example.

Start Slow and Build Up

Plenty of people make this mistake: they go at it in the early days so hard they wear themselves out and often pull a muscle or do some other damage and end up not doing it again. Do not make that mistake!

It might just look like a harmless set of steps, but there is danger especially when you get tired and out of breath. Your concentration can lapse and you could miss a step and fall with dire consequences.

Even if you manage to stay on your feet, you could still tear a muscle, twist an ankle or do some other physical damage that can call an end to your new found exercise routine before you get a chance to really develop it. So stay safe and be careful!

Just like any other kind of physical exercise program you should always begin slowly and increase the amount you do little by little, day by day. This builds muscle strength and flexibility slowly and definitely, helping to avoid damage while helping you to get familiar with doing the exercise routine.

Build Up to Build Strength

The general idea is to build up the number of reps you do it until you get to the point where you can run up and down a lot of times and not get out of breath. You probably know this exercise form as cardio-vascular, cardio or aerobic.

That means it boosts up your heart rate while increasing your muscles' work rate. It enables your body to burn a lot more calories while you're exercising (and also when at rest) as you use up more energy.

Your body's muscles become more powerful while also becoming more supple, toned and flexible. That leads to you gaining a more slender, better looking physical appearance and feeling fitter, stronger and healthier. It's a winning way to better health!

Whether you go ahead and do this is up to you. You can go for it or just read about it and do nothing. One will be really good for you, while the other will just frustrate you and send you back to the couch to flip on the TV and see what you can watch to numb your brain and kill some more time.

But what you'd be wasting is a truly valuable free resource that's right there in your home, just waiting for you to make use of it. But if you're serious about shedding some of that excess flab and getting yourself fitter, it's one very simple way of going about it.