The Benefits of Salt Air Therapy

If you suffer from respiratory problems and want a natural remedy that can effectively improve your breathing, salt air therapy has many benefits.

There are many ways in which to treat certain conditions that affect respiration, but most of the commonly prescribed treatments are drug-based and come with side effects that can often be as debilitating as the condition itself.

That's why many thousands of sufferers turn to inhaling salt air as a natural and very effective alternative treatment. This article takes a look at this particular health provider and explains how it works.


Speleotherapy, to give it the correct name, has been used for many hundreds of years to alleviate many of the problems people had with breathing. The only problem historically was that the person needed to travel to the seaside or to a salt mine to get the beneficial effects of the abundant salty air to breathe in.

These days, manufacturers have managed to bring the seaside air to the people in the form of small, portable inhalers, otherwise known as salt pipes. These small devices contain a reservoir of mineral rock salt crystals and by allowing air to pass through these crystals effectively charge that air with the saltiness needed for the patient to inhale into their respiratory system and effect relief from their condition.

Salt Pipes

These small inhaling devices are very easy to use and can make a big difference in a person's ability to breathe more clearly. They are small, portable and can be taken with you when you leave home for use wherever you care to be.

There are several models currently on the market each with certain benefits such as size, cost and features, but they all do the same job of helping to relieve respiratory problems. One of the major benefits of using these devices is that they do not produce any side effects, they are not addictive and they cannot be overdosed on.

How to Use a Salt Pipe Inhaler

A person uses one of these by placing the mouthpiece in the mouth and breathing in deeply through the mouth and then out through the nose. The breathed in air picks up salt particles as the air is passed through the rocksalt reservoir and they are dispersed throughout the bronchial passages in the lungs and also in the sinuses and nasal passages as the air is breathed out.

It is generally recommended that you use the inhaler for at least fifteen minutes per day to get the most benefit from the therapy.

How the Inhaler Device Works to Treat Breathing Problems

The active sodium chloride particles in the air get to work killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that invade the delicate bronchial lining tissue and cause the inflammation that reduces the circumference of the air passageways, making it more difficult to breathe.

It also helps to cleanse the airways of debris such as phlegm that builds up and can also cause blockages. It likewise boosts the body's own internal cleansing and disease fighting mechanisms, providing further benefits to the user.

Further Reading and Resources

You can find out more about the salt pipe inhaler by clicking that link. There you will find some useful resources to help you decide if this is the kind of natural treatment option you wish to pursue further. You can learn more about the beneficial effects of speleotherapy by following this link.

Note: These devices are meant as a complimentary therapy and as such are intended for use in conjunction with any medications or steroid inhalers prescribed by your doctor. They should not replace your inhaler and you should always consult with your doctor before reducing or otherwise amending your prescribed medications.