Build The Strength Within with Power Core Vinyasa

Power Core Vinyasa is a type of Yoga exercise which is focused on more building core strength which this article looks at in depth. The core muscles in the body are worked out while doing this kind of Yoga exercise.

This is great for those of you who are aiming to have a well-toned abdominal muscles. There are plenty of people who really love this kind of class because most of us really want to have a well-trimmed abs. However, core strength is not just focused on the abdominal muscles.

The best thing about Power Core Vinyasa Yoga is that aside from the abdominal muscles, we are also working on our deepest core muscles, such as the psoas and also the muscles around our lower back. Most of the time, upper body muscles are also developed, such as the lats and delts, as well as the muscles around the chest.

Practicing Power Core Vinyasa will not only build your inner strength from the very core of your body, but this will also enhance your balance and mental concentration or focus. There are several balancing poses that are included with this kind of class, from the simplest Chair Pose to the more complicated Eagle Pose, to even more challenging poses such as Warrior 3 Pose and Dancer's Pose.

When we do balancing poses, it is essential for us to contract our core and focus our mind so we can have the stability that we need. Balancing poses are also great for people who have difficulty in finding mental focus and clarity. My ability in this discipline has certainly improved since I became a Yoga Instructor.

Often, a Power Core Vinyasa Yoga class is started with breathing exercises and warm-up stretching. Then this is followed by table-top poses where the practitioners are asked to stand on all-fours, with flat back, just like a tabletop.

Spinal balance, which needs lots of core strength is done all the time. This is often followed by a regular standing Vinyasa, or breath-synchronized movements, where one move has one breath - either an inhale or an exhale. Getting hot and sweaty is to be expected while practicing this kind of Yoga.

This is really good for internal cleansing and detoxification. Generally, we use reclining poses with several leg lifts to strengthen the lower abs before the session comes to an end through Savasana, or final relaxation pose.