Happy to be Healthy

Before you do anything else to make a start on improving your health, you must first take a long hard look at your predominant mental state.

This will take some pretty deep soul searching and you will need to be able to look at yourself and assess what you see with total honesty.

That's because your disposition could very well have a major effect on the state of your health.

If you find yourself to be grumpy, unhappy or sad, ungrateful and mean, resentful of somebody or pf several people or situations, angry at someone or at many people or situations, always criticising other people and find yourself harboring a whole host of other negative aspects to your personality, then one, some or many of these aspects could be directly affecting your physical health.

Now I know that at first, that might sound a little far fetched, but when you have it explained in terms that you can understand and accept, then you'll see that it actually makes a lot of sense.

Emotions Affect Health

Your emotions do have a direct correlation to the state of your physical health and it has been proved in a variety of medical tests done over the last few years at many different universities, hospitals and medical centers. Tests on the level of acidity in the body's sweat have shown that these levels change when the person is exposed to stimuli that cause certain emotions to manifest.

In other words, it has been found that when a person expresses strong negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, hate, frustration, sadness, meanness and guilt etc the acidity of their sweat actually increases. It becomes more acidic. On the opposite end of that spectrum, when the person experiences positive emotions such as happiness, joy, love, tolerance, generosity and bliss etc, their sweat becomes less acidic.

Now we all know what acid can do to flesh. It burns! It makes a lot of sense when someone who is angry is said to be "burning with anger" because they are literally burning themselves from the inside out.

Negative emotions cause greater levels of cell degradation and destruction, increase the aging process along with suppression of the autoimmune system that protects us from illness and infection. They also create internal stress which is also degrading to many of our life-systems especially the immune system!

Positive emotions promote greater levels of new cell development, retard the aging process and boost the effectiveness of our autoimmune system.

Physical Effects of the Mental Condition

If you're still not convinced, then think of how your brain is the center of all your body's functions. It controls your heartbeat, breathing, digestion and elimination process, regulates your body temperature, maintains the health of your internal orgasm and decides where new tissue and cells are to be created and old ones destroyed.

When you are in an angry or hateful emotional state, your brain is affected and similarly passes that negativity down to the body that it controls. But when you are happy and in a positive, upbeat emotional state, the brain is affected positively and works to better maintain the body and everything that goes on in it.

Affecting Your Health

So you see you can literally boost your own physical health by focusing more on the positive emotions. You can do that by consciously putting out a positive disposition by smiling at everyone you meet, greeting them with a kind word and learning to see the good in everyone and everything.

By doing this, you take your attention off the things that have been causing the negative disposition, such as criticising, condemning, being angry or resentful etc and these deprecating mental instances simply fade away for your not giving them any more attention or power.

Further articles in this site will explain in more detail the mental processes that affect the state of your health. This will bring you a more complete and comprehensive understanding of how you can improve your health by taking action in a variety of areas in your life.