Comedy of Errors

A foray into the blogosphere by artists Burtonwood and Holmes. This site documents their perspective as artists.

Sections include Work in Progress, glimpses into the studio; Vernissage, for images of new finished works; Art in Review offers dissections of the art world in Chicago; Word up-Rave on for rants and ramblings in general and Photo blagging is unfiltered image diarrhea so it goes.

Our paintings are a meditation on materiel culture. These images are both beautiful and terrifying, connecting the home front to the avant-garde. Drawn from everyday sources this zeitgeist of military means is both succor and sucker-punch.

What is This All About?

This is actually an archived piece of text from back in 2006 recreated on this site for anyone who might be interested in seeing it as it was. Of course, things have moved on now and there is a lot more going on here than just arty banter and a bunch of links to other sites. We have decided to move further into the subject of health and as such, accompanying articles will focus on that side of life.

I suppose, in a way life can be depicted as a comedy of errors inasmuch as most people seem to bumble on through it without any kind of direction or plan and manage to get from one end of it to the other pretty well despite their lack of life strategy. But while they may make up the large majority, they also tend to look to the maybe 2 or 3 percent of people who are really making it in life.

Not just in financial terms, but also in terms of appearing to have extremely happy and healthy lives and lifestyles, despite when many people consider to be the evil of money.

Doesn't it make you wonder why that tiny percent of people are getting all the best things in life? Apart from the general feeling of envy or "I wouldn't want to have all that money and responsibility" attitude, many people are genuinely curious as to how some people can get to the point in their lives where they become fabulously wealthy or famous (in the case of movie or pop stars).

Well there is actually a reason for that and its not all a case of being handed the money on a silver platter, although some do get it that way too. But many people with great wealth, fame or power get it from their own determination to succeed.

Good health is another thing that can be had by far more people than do have it through a simple shift in awareness. Didn't it ever make you wonder how some people can seem to work with some simple quick weight loss tips and slim down to a great looking figure while other people with the same information were lucky to lose a pound or two before they gave up?

Some people just seem happy to be healthy and never seem to let anything get under their skin, while others fret and worry about the least little thing. Surely it must have made you curious as to how this could be. But that's the subject for other articles, which you can now read right here at

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Paintings, drawings, installations and sculpture by Burtonwood and Holmes can be viewed at Gescheidle gallery, Chicago. Any enquiries about work should be made to Gescheidle, 118 N. Peoria, 4th fl., Chicago, IL, 60607. ph. 312.226.3500