What are Zone Diets?

There are always more people than you can count that are trying to lose weight and the number of ways to do that seem to be getting more numerous all the time.

One such method is known as The Zone Diet and it is this that this article will turn its critical eye on right now.

Let's see just exactly what this diet is all about and how it works specifically as well as whether you can expect to lose weight by using it.

The Zone Diet is actually more than simply a diet sheet and a collection of foods that you can eat to lose weight. It's more of a whole person lifestyle or way of life that is intended to promote health and vitality, fitness and of course a healthy weight that a person should maintain.

The diet itself is not groundbreaking or particularly new, nor is it easy and convenient like meal replacement home delivery diets, but it is more sensible than anything.

What It Is

In its most basic form it advocates dividing your meals into groups of carbohydrates, protein and fats in the ratio of 40 percent carbohydrates to 30 percent of protein and also 30 percent of fats. This creates balanced meals that are not lacking in any major food group, which means that your body will be getting all the nutrients that it needs for normal functioning.

Of course, you should choose individual items of foods from those three main categories that are low in calories to prevent your body from storing any more fat than it needs to enable you to lose weight.

As well as the food consumption schedule advocated by this method, it also recommends daily exercise to improve your body's fitness levels, boost your metabolism and thereby further assist your body to burn more calories than it is consuming.

By exercise, it means doing something that is strenuous enough to make you feel out of breath, make you sweat and raise your heart rate. This you must maintain for at least thirty minutes, although longer is better.

Burning Energy

The reason for this is that when your body burns energy through exercise, for the first twenty minutes it gets all the energy it needs from the sugar already present in your bloodstream. That goes for whether you are calmly jogging in the park or pushing yourself to the limit in the gym.

The expenditure of blood sugar is roughly the same for the first twenty minutes. After that time, the muscles are continuing to work and need more sugar. This is released by the liver into the bloodstream to make up the shortfall and the liver takes the extra sugars from your body's store of fat in the fat cells.

So you can see where this would cause you to start to use up your body's store of fat and thereby start to lose weight while toning up the muscles.

Combining the low calorie, nutritious and balanced weight loss diet with sustained exercise every day will cause you to lose fat mass while building muscle mass and strength. This, in turn will cause your body to burn even more calories over time. This is essential for maintaining a healthy weight along with a level of fitness that will promote good health and better resistance to illness.

So by following the Zone Diet and all its aspects you should expect to lose weight and become healthier. The added benefits to this development is that you will also start looking better with a fitter, more toned body.

Naturally, this is the desirable result that anyone who ever went on a diet contemplated achieving and is one that is certainly possible with the right amount of personal effort and determination coupled with the assistance of a diet program such as this one.